Kim Sejeong is No.1 female advertising model in Korea!

# K-POP 2017.07.24 View : 8252

Brand reputation research for female advertising models revealed Kim Sejeong as no.1 model for July, followed by actress Kim Jiwon.

Korea Reputation Center analyzed big data for female advertising models from June 21, 2017 to July 22, 2017 and measured consumer participation, communication, and diffusion, and published the results on July 24th.

Kim Sejeong ranked number 1, with brand participation index of 140,151, communication index of 62,221, and community index of 707,774. Her total brand reputation index was 910,145. This is a 485 percent jump from her brand reputation index of May, which was 155,563.

Kim Sejeong participated in 'K-POP STAR Season 2' in 2013, and in 2016 she competed in 'PRODUCE 101' and took the second place. She made it to the last 11 and became a member of girl group I.O.I. Then she debuted as a member of girl group 'GUGUDAN.' She has been showing healthy and lively images through entertainment shows and dramas.

The result of the keyword analysis for Kim Sejeong was "cute, pretty, and precious." In the positive-negative ratio analysis, she showed a positive rate of 89 percent.

Congratulations to the rising star Kim Sejeong


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