JJ PROJECT drops JB's teaser photos for their COMEBACK!

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Check out JB's teaser images for JJ Project's new album 'Verse 2'!

On July 25th, JYP Entertainment released the teaser images of JB on its homepage and social networks.

JJ Project is coming back after 5 years with a new album 'Verse 2' on July 31. The title track is 'Tomorrow, today,' written by JYP, JB, and Jinyoung, and composed by Lee Woomin and Mayu Wakisaka who composed TWICE's 'KNOCK KNOCK.' Both members participated in writing and composing all of the 8 tracks of the album, showing how much they have grown and matured musically over the years.

When they debuted in 2012, JB and Jinyoung were both teenagers, and they emitted a fresh and cheerful energy. Five years have passed, they are now in their twenties and have established themselves as top idols with GOT7. Can't wait to discover how much their music and performance have changed and matured for the past five years!


[Image Source: JYP Entertainment]



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