Taeyang of BIGBANG, Taemin of SHINee, Gikwang of Highlight to COME BACK as SOLO in a few months!

# K-POP 2017.07.26 View : 7150

This summer's going be hot with competition! Taeyang, Taemin and Lee Gikwang are all preparing for a SOLO COMEBACK!

The three will drop their solo tracks around the same time. Taeyang will come back with 2 title tracks at the end of August. This is his first solo activity in 3 years since his second album 'Rise' in 2014. He is shooting two music videos for this comeback. YG has not revealed the detailed schedules for comeback yet, but Taeyang's solo concert 'White Night' is planned for August 26th and 27th, so we can expect his songs to be released around then.

Taemin will drop his third solo album in mid-August. It's a comeback after 1 year and 6 months. Before the release of the album, he will feature in his first realty show 'Extra Cam: the Taemin.' On August 26-27, he will have his first solo concert 'Taemin First Solo Concert [Off Sick]' in Seoul Olympic Hall.

Last but not least, Highlight's Gikwang is also preparing for a solo comeback. The schedule isn't decided yet. The last time he performed as solo was when he debuted as AJ with 'Dancing Shoes' back in 2009. It's already been 8 years and he's finally coming back!

Taeyang, Taemin, and Gikwang are all very talented in singing and dancing, so we can expect some fierce competition among them!


[Image Source: YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Lee Gikwang Instagram]


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