'School' Mystery X = Taeun? or is there another twist?

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X's identity was revealed. It was Taeun, not Daehwi. But something is fishy!

On episode 4, Eunho found out that Taeun is X.

Eunho is selected as the finalist for Hanguk University's webtoon contest. But the penalty points are holding are back. Moreover, X also takes away her sketch note!

Eunho tries to break up the fight between Taeun and Daehwi, and she ends up getting penalty points along with them. She tests Taeun and Daehwi to find out which one of them is X.

Eunho tells Daehwi that she hopes X will screw over the principal. Then X really reveals an embarrassing video of the principal! This convinces Eunho that Daehwi is X.

However, when Eunho is chasing after Daehwi, she gets caught by X wearing a black hoodie. He takes off his hood, and it's Taeun!

The audience is still suspicious because the identity of X was revealed so soon, only in 4 episodes. Is Taeun really X? Or are Taeun and Daehwi in this together? Or is there a third person involved?


[School 2017]

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