Kim Sejeong treats her high school juniors with a surprise ice cream truck!

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At Indeogwon High School in Anyang, an ice cream truck suddenly appeared in front of the students who were exhausted with heat.

It turns out that 'School 2017' held an event. Students from the cast members' home schools were asked to send cheers for the drama. Kim Sejeong's juniors won the event, so Sejeong had the chance to give snacks to her juniors.

Students were also able to make a surprise call to Sejeong through live broadcast. Sejeong took a break while shooting the drama and talked to her juniors. She said, "I got this opportunity thanks to you all who cheered for us. Thank you." The students replied enthusiastically shouting, "We love you Senior Sejeong!" and "Noona, you're so pretty!"

Sejeong and the students shared their memories about the school. When a student asked her to say words of cheers for them, she advised them, "I always had a dream in my school days. It's very important to have specific plans for the future, like thinking about 3 years later, 5 years later and so on, rather than having vague dreams."

She's an exemplary senior, right?


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