'Hello' Ailee was disgusted with a guy? [Hello, Counselor]

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Ailee gets goosebumps when she hears a story because it reminds her of someone she used to know.

Voice actor An Jihwan, Sam Hammington, and Ailee star on tonight's episode of 'Hello, Counselor.'

A woman who's been married for 14 years appears on the show. She says, "My husband watches my every movement. When I'm eating alone, he says, 'Send me a picture. Are you really eating right now?' When I'm in the grocery store, he somehow knows it and follows me there, saying 'You did go to the grocery store.' I'm suffocating, Please help me find my freedom!"

When Ailee hears this problem, she shares her story. She says, "I got chills from hearing this, because it has also happened to me before. I felt disgusted after experiencing that situation."

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