GFRIEND talks about their overseas fans.

# K-POP 2017.08.02 View : 5556

At their comeback showcase, GFRIEND talked about how their overseas fans touched their hearts.

On August 1, GFRIEND held a showcase celebrating the release of their fifth mini-album 'PARALLEL.'

GFRIEND said that had fan meetings in Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

Sowon said, "The fans always welcome us whenever we go overseas, leaving us with good memories. We recently went to Hong Kong. We had gone to Hong Kong for an awards ceremony before, but not for our own activities, so we were worried that there wasn't going to be many fans. But the fans welcomed us at the airport, and we were very glad. We felt like superstars."

Umji added, "They said 'We missed you' and 'We love you' in Korean, and we were deeply touched."

GFRIEND dropped their new album on August 1, and the title track 'LOVE WHISPER' ranked no.1 in numerous music charts in Korea.  



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