FNC's CEO reveals why Yoo Hoeseung has joined N.Flying.

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The CEO of FNC Entertainment talks about the original debut plan of N.Flying and Yoo Hoeseung's appearance on 'PRODUCE 101.'

On August 2, N.Flying had a showcase for its second mini-album 'The Real: N.Flying.'

This comeback is special because Yoo Hoeseung who appeared on 'PRODUCE 101' has joined as the fifth member as a vocal.

The CEO of FNC Entertainment, Han Seongho, showed up at the showcase. He said that N.Flying was the first team he planned when he founded FNC. He originally planned N.Flying to be a five-member group, but he couldn't find a member who could go along well with the leader Seunghyub, so they debuted as a 4 member band. He later found the perfect vocal, Yoo Hoeseung.

He also shared why he made Yoo Hoeseung to compete in 'PRODUCE 101' S2: "I had thought Hoeseung would be eliminated as soon as he appeared on 'PRODUCE 101' because he has a voice that blends with a band [rather than a dance group]. I wanted him to build experience on stage."

Meanwhile, N.Flying's album 'The Real: N.Flying' includes 6 tracks including the funky title song 'The Real.'


[Image Source: FNC Entertainment]


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