'Father' Miyeong gets jealous when Junhui kisses an actress! [My Father is Strange]

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Junghui shoots a love scene for his drama, and Miyeong just can't handle it.

On the upcoming episode of 'My Father is Strange,' Junghui shoots a kiss scene with an actress. Miyeong watches him and tells herself that he's just working. Her head knows it's just work, but her heart isn't able to take it calmly. At the same time, Junghui can't concentrate either because he's conscious of Miyeong.

In the end Junghui makes Miyeong go to Incheon to buy friend chicken because he doesn't want her to watch him shoot the love scene.

When Miyeong comes out of the studio, she lashes out her jealous emotions. She says to herself, "Is a kiss scene really necessary for this drama? If they need one, it would have more impact to put the kiss scene in the last episode. Having them kiss from the beginning is going to spoil the tension."

Miyeong doesn't understand why Junghui asked her to buy fried chicken. She says, "Are actors indifferent since it's their work? And he wants to eat fried chicken now, of all times?

Junghui also feels sorry for making her feel jealous.

They're the cutest couple!


[My Father is Strange]

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