Song triplets are going to live in France!

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The triplets are going to accompany their mother on her overseas training in France.

Actor Song Il-gook's wife and the triplets' mother is a judge, and she is going on an overseas training in mid-August. Song Il-gook and the triplets will head to France as well.

However, Song Il-gook will travel back and forth between Korea and France for his work. The mother and the triplets will stay in France for a year.

Meanwhile, Song Il-gook married to his wife in 2008 after dating for 1 and a half year. They had Daehan, Minguk, and Manse in 2012 and appeared on 'The Return of Superman.'

Good luck to the triplets on their adventure and hope they learn a lot from this experience!


[Triplets Special-The Return of Superman]

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