'Superman' Daebak wets his bed and plays innocent! [The Return of Superman]

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Oops, Daebak made a mistake overnight, and he's embarrassed to admit it!

On the last episode of 'Superman' Seol-Su-Dae siblings woke up to find urine on their blanket. Seola and Sua blamed Sian (Daebak) for wetting his bed. Sian was embarrassed, and he played innocent saying, "It's not me. It's not."

Seola and Sua brought the blanket to him as proof, but Sian said, "I'm not the one who did it" and tried to put the blame on his sisters.

Then Seola and Sua examined Sian's pants, and there was a stain. Despite this clear proof, Sian still denied it, but later he showed a smile of embarrassment.

Then something sweet happened. Seola and Sua took the blanket to the bathroom and washed it, so that their little brother wouldn't get scolded by their parents.


[The Return of Superman]

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