'Superman' William meets his grandmother from Australia! [The Return of Superman]

# Entertainment 2017.08.11 View : 8421

On the upcoming episode of 'Superman,' William makes precious memories with his grandmother who came all the way from Australia to see her one and only grandson.   

William goes to the airport to meet his grandmother. He even brings a placard that says 'Welcome NANA.' NANA is grandmother's nickname. How cute!

Grandma finally shows up, and she cannot stop smiling to see her son and grandson! Her love toward William is endless. Presents after presents come out of her huge suitcase.

Check out the amazing chemistry between NANA and William this Sunday!

[The Return of Superman]

Showtime : Sun 18:00 | Re-run: Mon 0:50, 08:50 | Thu 02:40 l Fri 12:00 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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