'Father' Miyeong pushes Junghui away. [My Father is Strange]

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On the last episode of 'Father is Strange,' Junghui confessed his unconditional love for Miyeong, but she didn't accept it.

Junghui says, "I don't care whether you're Byeon Miyeong or Lee Miyeong. You're just Miyeong to me. I love you, Miyeong."

Miyeong leaves without saying anything. She goes inside the building where he can't see her and cries.

Later, when they meet again, Miyeong turns him down saying, "I'd like to make you smile, but I'm sorry. I can't accept your heart because I'm my father's daughter."

Junghui says, "I get what you mean. But can't you give me one more chance? I just barely started expressing my feelings to you. I'm really okay."

Miyeong doesn't listen to him anymore. She gets up saying, "Thanks for everything." Junghui runs toward her and hugs her from behind. He says, "I'm just letting you go for a while. I know that we need some time between us. I'll wait until you're okay. But don't take too long. You can come back tomorrow."

Nonetheless, Miyeong coldly pulls his arm out and shows her determination.

[My Father is Strange]

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