SHINee Onew was indicted for sexual harassment charges.

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On August 12, Onew was accused of touching a certain body part of a woman in her 20s two or three times in a club in Seoul. He was indicted without physical detention.

The victim reported to the police, and Onew was arrested around 7:20 am. Onew allegedly said that he was drunk and doesn't remember it.

SM Entertainment stated, "Onew made unintentional body contact while dancing in a drunken state and was investigated by police. The misunderstanding was cleared up and the victim dropped the charges."

However, because sexual harassment is not an offense subject to victim's complaint, he can be punished if found guilty regardless of the victim's will.

Therefore, the investigation will be continued. Gangnam Police Station plans to announce the result of the investigation..

[Image Source: SM Entertainment] 


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