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Camera, lights, huge stage, even more enormous audience, cheerings, microphone, music… and you. Seems like a dream of every k-pop fans, huh? That’s right, but THIS dream can become true! You don’t believe? Just wait!

Have you all ever heard about K-Pop World Festival? This event is held once in a year by KBS, giving a chance to fans around the world to feel like their idols for this one special night, when spotlight belongs only to them. Cover dancers and vocalists from more than 60 countries can take part in preliminary round. They can show-off their talent and if they are lucky enough – receive invitation for final round held in Korea!

During their stay in Korea the participants will experience various exciting moments together: sight-seeing the most popular tourist spots, shopping districts, markets and restaurants, but also more idol-like experiences like street performances, flashmobs, training with professionals or even meeting some k-pop celebrities! And of course the most important one – being able to perform at the same stage as your favorite stars!

But that festival is not only a good opportunity for finalists, but for everyone! The audience will surely spend great time watching k-pop performances on this big stage, singing to their favorite songs and also cheering for all contestants!

During this one night all k-pop fans will be able to bond, support, and share their dreams and hopes together!

This year’s K-Pop Festival will be held again in Changwon, 29th September. If you’re in Korea at the time – make sure to book your tickets, because you won’t ever forget this night!

So? Did I change your mind? Does it seem real now? Don't wait! Don't hesitate! Maybe your dream will come true next! Even you can be a k-pop star! And this festival is your only chance!



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