Park Seojun & Kang Haneul eavesdrop audience reactions for 'Midnight Runners'!

# K-POP 2017.08.14 View : 4978

Before they appear in front of the audience for the stage greeting, they secretly take a peek at the audience's reaction to the movie.

[Image Source: Park Seojun Instagram]

Park Seojun and Kang Haneul are the main cast of the new movie 'Midnight Runners.'

On August 10, Park Seojun posted a photo on his Instagram and commented, "The laughter from the theater.. Thank you for coming."

In the picture, Park Seojun is pressing his ear against the door and trying to listen to audience reaction. His facial expression is quite interesting! The audience must be laughing hard.

On the other hand, Kang Haneul has a blank expression, as if he is nervous about meeting the audience soon.

[Image Source: Lotte Entertainment]

In the movie 'Midnight Runners,' Park Seojun and Kang Haneul play passionate police university students who witness a kidnapping and launch an investigation themselves.



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