Seo Yeong Ju, Lee Jong Hyun, Yeo Hoi Hyeon to star as main cast of 'Girls' Generation 1979'

# Drama 2017.08.21 View : 4913

The three male actors have been casted for the new KBS drama 'Girls' Generation 1979'.

'Girls' Generation 1979' is a romantic comedy drama that portrays the love and friendship of high school girls in Daegu in the late 1970s.

Seo Yeong Ju will play the role of Bae Dongmun, who has had a single-hearted crush on Jeonghui for a long time.

Lee Jong Hyun of CN Blue will play Ju Yeongchun, who helps out with chores at a local pharmacy. He never takes anything seriously, except when it comes to his dear little sister. He might seem indifferent and uncaring from the outside, but he is actually warmhearted and delicate.

Yeo Hoi Hyeon plays Son Jin, who is the most popular guy in Daegu. He's always been rank no.1 in his school, and he is handsome and charismatic. This smart guy with sophisticated manners possesses fatal charms that mesmerize the girls.

'Girls' Generation 1979' will premiere following the airing of 'School 2017.'


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