1st KOKO Friends Profile: Here’s The Finalized Members of 1st KOKO Friends!

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The contestants chosen as members of KOKO Friends are:


Hi, I’m Cao Thi Huong from Vietnam. When I was a little girl, I'm used to watching KBS drama. And day by day, I became a big fan of Korean culture and KBS World TV. I’d like to promote KBS World programs through my media contents. I’d like to perfect the media skills through working as KOKO Friend. Please support me!

I’m Karolina, 21-years old student of International Relations, k-pop journalist, Korea and Hallyu enthusiast for 7 years now & each day I’m more into it! I love it because of its uniqueness, connection between new & old times. As a Koko Friend I want to give more spotlight to less-known shows, that deserve more attention! Let’s appreciate it more together!

My name is Maxine and my interests in “anything” Korean started after I watched the KBS drama, “Spring Waltz”. This led me to K-POP and then eventually in learning the Korean language and culture. I joined KOKO FRIENDS because I want to use my talents in media to somehow share my passion for Korea to the world!

I’m Cintia from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have a bachelor degree in Tourism. Currently I’m writing articles for Korea.net as an honorary reporter. I´ve always had an interest in Asian culture and languages. I’m keen on things that let me be creative as drawing, painting, crafts and Pastry, making custom cakes on request. I hope I can bring as a Koko friend, pleasant and helpful media content to read.

大家好,我是一名来自中国北京的K-POP Fans,我热爱韩流,热爱韩剧,热爱新闻,热爱摄影,热爱韩国旅行,当然,也更加热爱KBS World!因为对于韩国的喜爱,近五年内我已经自由行往返韩国多达20次哦~希望可以在KBS World结识更多和我一样热爱韩流的朋友们!


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