Quiz On Korea!

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Do you know about Korean culture? Words like 'hanok', 'Taegeukgi', 'Chuseok' aren't new to you? 한국말을 잘 해요? If you answered YES to all of these questions, this show is totally for you!

'Quiz on Korea' is a quiz show, held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea and KBS World. The main goal of this project is to promote Korean culture, Hallyu, and spread among foreigners around the world!

Each year, starting from 2012, in selected countries, fans of Korean culture can take part in preliminary rounds, where they will test their knowledge and the best ones from each region will progress to final round in Korea!

Beside the chance to be a part of great final, contestants will also experience Korean culture first-hand for a week before recordings! And the recording itself takes place in KBS Hall and will be broadcasted, as always, as a TV special for Chuseok! Moreover, this show not only gives a chance to fans to show-off their knowledge, but also between rounds best k-pop idols will take care of entertaining you with their performances, like last year's guests: MONSTA X and SONAMOO!



As a participant you need to meet some conditions: of course you can't be Korean! You need to be able to use English and Korean. And the most important one - you need to be a hardcore Korean culture enthusiast! If you're certain that describe yourself - don't hesitate and look for an announcement from Korea Embassy in your country!

And if you're already late - you still have a chance next year! So better prepare yourself! And for those who are currently in Korea, you also have a chance to be part of this year edition! Just send your info by mail and be part of audience! More info on KBS World TV pages!

'Quiz on Korea' 2017 recording will take place on September 15th. Stay tuned! 



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