'Happy' Girl's Day Minah may be a younger sister, but she is a scary senior! [Happy Together]

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Girl's Day's Minah and Wanna.B's Lina are real sisters, and they expose each other's secrets!

Tonight's episode of 'Happy Together' will feature a sister special. Girl's Day's Minah and Wanna.B's Lina sisters, and Park Eunji, Park Eunsil and Park Eunhong sisters appear on the show to talk about sisterhood.

Lina is the older sister of Minah. Even though Minah is younger, she is a girl group senior. Lina reveals that Minah makes her bow 90 degrees to greet her! Minah says, "I was joking when I told her to bow down 90 degrees. When I went to her waiting room, I was surprised to see her actually bow to me."

Lina continues, "Whenever I give a lecture to Minah, she would cross her arms and signal me to bow down until my nose touches my knees." This makes Minah embarrassed.

Stay tuned to hear more funny sister stories!

[Happy Together]

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