Lee Jun, "Drama Awards? I'm not expecting anything at all. I'm glad I'll be in the military."

# Drama 2017.08.29 View : 3623

Actor Lee Jun acted modestly in saying that he does not expect an award at the year-end drama awards for his performance in 'My Father is Strange.'

Lee Jun, who played the role of Ahn Junghui in 'My Father is Strange,' showed an outstanding performance. When asked during an interview if he expects an award for his performance, he showed a very humble attitude.

Lee Jun said, "Awards? I'm not expecting anything at all. I get really nervous when I go to these ceremonies. I'm glad I'll be in the military instead. I'd start shaking and have a mental breakdown. I'm not fit for the ceremonies."

Lee Jun will be joining the military in October to fulfill his mandatory service duty. 


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