Choi Taejoon wrote a letter to Ji Changwook who is in the army.

# K-POP 2017.09.01 View : 3037

Choi Taejoon talked about his fellow actor Ji Changwook during a live stream.

On August 31, Choi Taejoon chatted with his fans through Naver V-Live.

Choi Taejoon and Ji Changwook recently appeared in the drama 'Suspicious Partner' together, and during the live, Taejoon mentioned Changwook's name. He said, "It's already been a month since 'Suspicious Partner' ended. Chagwook hyung is in the military, I miss him."

He continued, "I wrote an electronic letter to him through the army, but I'm not sure if it was delivered to him since he has so many fans. I hope he gets my letter. I would like to visit him as well."

[Image source: Naver V-Live capture]


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