IU to make surprise comeback this month!

# K-POP 2017.09.01 View : 2863

According to Fave Entertainment, IU will come back in mid-September with remake album 'Flower Bookmark 2.'

[Image source: Fave Entertainment]

The official release date hasn't been decided, but IU aims to come back in mid-September and they are discussing her promotional activities.

In 2014, IU released 'Flower Bookmark,' which featured analogue and nostalgic vibes, and she is releasing 'Flower Bookmark 2' after three years. IU will soon disclose more information about her remake album and communicate with the fans.

The agency stated, "Since the album is being released in September, the month of IU's debut anniversary, 'Flower Bookmark 2' will be a gift to fans."


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