CARTOON: Manhole at School 2017: Birthday gift or sabotage gift? / Cao Thi Huong

# Drama 2017.09.04 View : 3724

'Manhole' and 'School 2017', the 2 dramas, loved by many viewers, are coming  to the end. Many people will feel sad and loss. So, I would like to introduce to you an interesting cartoon that I made. It’s entitled "Manhole at School 2017: Birthday gift or sabotage gift?"

Pil became a trainee of FE Entertainment Company since the age of 12. Therefore, he missed his school time. He travels from past to present. His main purpose of him traveling through time is to relive that time. He quickly became a good friend with Eunho and Taeun. What will happen next? Check it out!!!


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