Jang Dong Yoon to debut on big screen with movie 'Beautiful Days.'

# K-POP 2017.09.04 View : 4767

Jang Dong Yoon, who stars in 'School 2017' as Song Daehwi, will play Lee Nayoung's son in his debut film.

Actress Lee Nayoung is making her long-awaited comeback with the movie 'Beautiful Days.' According to Jang Dong Yoon's agency, Clover Company, Jang Dong Yoon will also appear in 'Beautiful Days,' which will be his debut film.

He will play the role of a young Korean-Chinese man Jen Chen, Lee Nayoung's son.

'Beautiful Days' retraces the meaning of family by portraying a son's reunion with his mother who abandoned her family 16 years ago.

Meanwhile, Jang Dong Yoon currently appears in 'School 2017.' 


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