Lee GiKwang released solo album ‘What You Like’!

# K-POP 2017.09.05 View : 3933

A member of HIGHLIGHT, Lee GiKwang’s first mini-album is just unveiled!

On September 4th at noon, his first mini-album began its sale and the title song ‘What You Like’ was opened with its music videos and other tracks.

The title song ‘What You Like’ is a genre of Future R&B song based on minimal arrangement with house rhythm. It also received attention as most of tracks were produced by well-known gifted musicians including ‘Good Life’, ‘GIRIBOY’,‘Lil Boi’ and Lee GiKwang himself.

Lee GiKwang’s first mini album has special meaning as it is actually the real ‘first’ solo album for GiKwang after his debut album with the stage name ‘AJ’ about 8 years ago.

Listen to his speciality through !  

[Image Source : Around US Entertainment]


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