GOT7's Jackson to halt activities in Japan.

# K-POP 2017.09.05 View : 3356

Jackson will not participate in GOT7's promotions in Japan.

On September 5, JYP Entertainment posted a notice titled 'An important notice regarding GOT7 member' on the official Japanese homepage.

According to the notice, Jackson will not be participating in the remaining promotional activities in Japan. The agency explained that Jackson felt the need to take care of his health in the midst of busy schedule. Jackson has recently made his solo debut in China, and he has had to carry out multiple schedules in China, Korea and Japan.

Therefore, the remaining 6 members will be participating in Japanese promotions hereafter. The agency said, "Only 6 members will participate in GOT7's further album releases and concerts in Japan with the exception of special circumstances. GOT7 aims to reach the top in Japan with the 6 members."

Meanwhile, GOT7 is preparing for a comeback in Korea.


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