'Battle' DIA's Jung Chaeyeon is the special MC! [Battle Trip]

# Entertainment 2017.09.08 View : 3983

According to the 'Battle Trip' staff, DIA's Chaeyeon will appear on 'Battle Trip' for 3 weeks as a special MC starting this week.

On the upcoming episode, Chaeyeon says, "It's an honor to be the special MC for 'Battle Trip,' and I will try hard."

She proves that she is an avid traveler. She says, "My parents love to travel. I've traveled to France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Japan since I was young."

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of 'Battle Trip' will feature 'Central America' special. Actor Lee Tae Gon and singer Gangnam travel to Cancun, Mexico, and pop columnist Kim Taehoon and director Lee Wonseok head to Cuba. 

[Battle Trip]

Showtime : Fri 23:00 | Re-run: Sat 05:30, 10:30 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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