'Superman' Jun Jin & Gangnam are Seoeon & Seojun twin's uncle! [The Return of Superman]

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Shinhwa's Jun Jin takes the twins to Gangnam's new house.

On the last episode of 'Superman,' a special uncle met Seoeon & Seojun. Jun Jin turns into a kid's cafe teacher. He says, "Lee Hwijae has been of great help to me since I debuted. When I was young, I was very goofy too, so I think I'll be able to show a nice chemistry with Seoeon and Seojun."

Jun Jin frees Hwijae from childrearing and takes the twins to Gangnam's house. Gangnam reveals his new house with a warm sofa and clean kitchen. Gangnam went from rags to riches. He used to only have 3,000 won (3 USD) in his bank account, and now he is a landlord of a 5-story building.

[The Return of Superman]

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