'Superman' "Farewell, my brother!" Seoeon & Seojun cry thinking of each other. [The Return of Superman]

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Seoeon and Seojun have a meaningful time to realize how precious they are to each other.

In the teaser photos, Seoeon and Seojun are sobbing. Seoeon is cuddled up in his father's arms in tears. Seojun is crying even louder, and someone seems to wipe his tears off.

One thing to note is that the twins are in different places. Seoeon is playing cup stacking alone, and Seojun is looking at something with a grim look on his face. They used to be so goofy when they were together, but now they look lonely and unhappy.

The twins miss each other so much to the point that they yell out, "Twins are supposed to stay together!" What could have happened to them? Why are they separated? Stay tuned to find out why!

[The Return of Superman]

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