Hyuna to join idol rebooting project 'The Unit' as mentor along with Rain!

# Entertainment 2017.09.21 View : 3904

'Sexy Queen' Hyuna will appear as mentor in KBS program 'The Unit.'

The staff said, "Hyuna is a KPOP artist with unparalleled performance and stage presence. When she heard that she could pass down her know-how to the juniors, she gladly accepted the offer to join."

We can also expect the synergy between Hyuna and Rain. They have known each other since the time they belonged to JYP Entertainment. Before Rain established his own agency 'Rain Company,' they were also together in CUBE Entertainment. Hyuna featured in Rain's song 'Where are you going, Oppa' in 2014.

Meanwhile, around 90 KPOP agencies participate in 'The Unit,' which will air in 14 episodes. The purpose of the show is creating an idol unit group with idol members who have debuted.

[image source: CUBE Entertainment]


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