Hwang Chi Yeul to join as vocal mentor in 'The Unit'!

# Entertainment 2017.09.22 View : 4481

Singer Hwang Chi Yeul will be joining as mentor in idol rebooting project 'The Unit.'

As of right now, the confirmed mentors are Rain, Hyuna and Hwang Chi Yeul.

Hwang Chi Yeul used to work as a vocal trainer for idols when he was an unknown singer. Then he finally shone light in 'I Can See Your Voice' and 'Immortal Songs' and is now a superstar in China.

Hwang Chi Yeul's mission is to coach and support the participants as the vocal mentor.

Around 90 Korean K-pop agencies are participating in 'The Unit.' DIA, Boys Republic, LABOUM, BOYFRIEND, Dal★shabet and more have announced their participation.

[image source: HOW Entertainment]


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