Park Bo Young & Kim Young Kwang to star together in new romance film.

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Park Bo Young and Kim Young Kwang have been confirmed as the lead characters in 'Your Marriage' (literal translation).

In the film 'Your Marriage,' Wooyeon (Kim Young Kwang) has a single-hearted crush on Seunghui (Park Bo Young) for ten years since high school.

Park Bo Young plays the poker-face girl Seunghui, who acts strong on the outside but is actually soft inside. She said, "I am delighted to show you a different side of me. Please look forward to the movie."

Other actors including Kang Kiyoung, Ko Kyu Pil, Shin Soyul, Song Jaerim, Kim Hyunsook, Lim Hyung Jun and more have joined the cast.

The cast began fiming on September 18. 'Your Marriage' is scheduled to be released next year.

[image source: Film-K]



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