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Hello, my friends. Do you want to enjoy KBS programs but unfortunately KBS world TV isn’t available yet on your local cable?

Don’t be discouraged as KBS World YouTube Channel offers a 24/7 live stream and maintains a collection of past programs to watch on demand, many of them in full episodes with English subtitles (some of them in Chinese, Thai and Indonesian language too). Also, there is a Youtube KBS World Channel for Latin America with dubbing and subtitles content in Spanish, go to KBS world Latino for more info.

This official YouTube channel is a great alternative for me since in Argentina KBS World TV channel hasn’t arrived yet. There I can watch recent shows and dramas or look for old programs.

Today I want to talk about a recently finished show that I find quite interesting for those who want to learn how to cook, especially the “Hon-bap" or solo-eater people.

In this modern world, we live a hurried life. We have a lot of things passing through our minds, but having a healthy diet is not one of them. The phrase “The easier the better” works perfectly for us, but sadly most of the time we relate that only to fast food, most of the times “junk food.” But there is a KBS World program that wants to change the way we think about our food habits. Having a healthy and tasty meal is not only reserved for experts; we all can do it.

 'Jisook's Table For One' is a KBS show hosted by the charismatic and lovely Jisook (Ex Rainbow member, singer, dancer, blogger, photographer and host), where Jisook and a group of food experts teach us how to make savory and healthy meals for all these “eating alone” people that don’t have time to cook for themselves, or in every occasion they’ve tried it, the final result was a total disaster, ending up buying fast food while missing so badly their mom’s homemade meals.

However, there are some cases that people really enjoy eating alone either at home or at restaurants. Some of the given reasons are that they use that time just for themselves. For example, while waiting for the order to be brought to the table, they like reading a book without any interruption. But there is also a sense of freedom because you don’t have to worry about anything; you could ask for whatever you want. Eating however much and in the way you like, you don’t have anyone to judge you.

This show is actually worth watching whether you are a “Hon-bap” or not. It is useful for everyone who wants to get better at cooking. Once in a while you should feel the pleasure to cook for your loved ones and receiving sincere appreciation for your food is double happiness, a huge feeling of achievement will fill your heart.

Through these short episodes (9-15 minutes) you will become a student of the “Cooking institute,” learning step by step traditional Korean and international recipes that you can recreate at your home. But these cooking classes aren’t boring at all; you will have a blast together with Jisook as she invites to cook with her those “Hon bap” people, making the atmosphere more relaxed and friendly.

I’m not very familiar with Asian cuisine, but I would like to attempt some of these recipes. They are easy to follow and the ingredients aren’t impossible to find even in my country. I will definitely keep on my list of future recipes to try, the “Japanese style beef curry” from episode 3.

I hope we can see Jisook again, as she is perfect for cooking programs. Spontaneous, open-hearted and cheerful would define Jisook’s personality that can be seen in her programs. If you decide to watch this show, as she says “watch this show alone.”

Watch first episode here:


Quick related quiz

On other KBS programs you can find “lone eaters” too. I’m going to put four eating alone screen images. You should tell me the name of the person/character and the KBS program’s title. I will leave the correct answers down below. Here we go!



A- Min Hyorin-Sister’s Slam Dunk

B-Jeongyeon- We like Zines!

C-SinB-Battle Trip



A-Jung Joonyoung-2 Days 1 Night

B-Sung Sikyung-Battle Trip

C-Lee Dong-gook-The Return of Superman



A- Tae Kwang –“Who Are You” School 2015

B- Kim Yeol -Cheer Up!

C- Hyun Taeun-School 2017



A- Um Hyunkyung - Happy Together

B- La Miran –Sister’s Slam Dunk

C- Kim Sook-Battle Trip 





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