'Six months pregnant' Lee Si Young completes half marathon.

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On September 24, actress Lee Si Young participated in the 2017 Peaceful Unification Marathon and completed a half-course.

Lee Si Young posted a photo of her holding medals on her Instagram and wrote, "It was hard because there weren't enough restrooms, but I made it in the end. Half marathon. Thank you. My stomach wasn't hurting, and I was in a good condition."

According to the video that she uploaded, she completed the half course in 2 hours and 46 minutes. The organizer of the marathon revealed that the average record for women in their 30s is 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Previously, netizens were concerned about the fact that Lee Si Young, who is 6 months pregnant, is running a marathon. She replied, "I am exercising very safely, checking my heart rate. There will be pacemaker on the day of the marathon and another trainer will be there as well, so I can complete the half marathon safely."

Lee Si Young is getting married on September 30 to a CEO of food business.

[Image source: Lee Si Young Instagram]


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