Park Bogum & Seolhyun are most desired advertising models in Korea!

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A survey of 100 corporate marketers found that actor Park Bogum and AOA's Seolhyun are the top desired advertising models in Korea.

Among male advertising models, Park Bogum was number one with 23 percent in his favor. Park Bogum became a top star with 'Love in the Moonlight' and is maintaining his popularity with a kind and polite image.

The second place went to Gong Yu. With the success of the drama 'Goblin,' he attracted attention from marketers.

The rising star in the advertising industry is Wanna One, who came in third place. Wanna One is the only idol group on the top 10 list.

Among female advertising models, AOA's Seolhyun was number one with 18 percent. She was selected as the main model of SK Telecom's advertising campaign in 2015 and emerged as the rising star in the industry.

The original CF queen Jun Ji Hyun was ranked number 2. Figure skating gold medalist Kim Yuna and singer IU came in 3rd place, and Suzy came in 5th.

Check out the top 10 list below:

Male advertising model ranking:

1. Park Bogum 23 percent

2. Gong Yu 15

3. Wanna One 12

4. Yoo Jaesuk 7

5. Song Joongki 6

6. So Ji Sub 5

7. Jung Woo Sung 4

8. Lee Seojin 3

9. Kim Heechul 2

10. Ryu Junyeol 2

Female advertising model:

1. Seolhyun 18 percent

2. Jun Ji Hyun 15

3. Kim Yuna, IU 10

5. Suzy 7

6. Park Bo Young 5

7. Shin Mina 4

8. Kim Hyesoo 2

9. Hyeri 2

10. Irene 2

[image source: Blossom Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, YMC Entertainment]


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