SAN-E reveals 'The Unit' mentor get-together!

# Entertainment 2017.09.27 View : 5697

Mentors of idol rebooting project 'The Unit,' Rain, Hwang Chi Yeul, Jo Hyunah and SAN-E had a get-together.

On September 26, SAN-E posted a picture taken with Rain, Hwang Chi Yeul, and Jo Hyunah of Urban Zakapa on his Instagram. He wrote, "First get-together of KBS 'The Unit.' Mentors' first impressions: Hwang Chi Yeul is friendly. Jo Hyunah is always like 19 years old to me. Rain... is Legend. SAN-E, hmm, what am I? What do you guys think I am?"

SAN-E is the new mentor of 'The Unit.' He will be in charge of the rap training of the contestants.

'The Unit' is a program with the purpose of rediscovering the hidden gems of idols who have debuted and creating the best idol unit of Korea.

[image source: SAN-E Instagram]


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