Yoo Ji Tae & Kim Hyo Jin couple helped build a school in Africa!

# K-POP 2017.09.29 View : 4080

World Vision, an international relief and development NGO, completed the project for improving the educational environment of elementary schools in Kobadie, Niger with the help of goodwill ambassadors Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin.

The two worked together with World Vision on the 'Building Schools in Africa Campaign' last year to help children who are having difficulties in poor educational environment. In this campaign, many netizens, along with Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin, participated in the fundraising through various online channels.

World Vision used this donation to improve the elementary schools in Kobadie. They built new facilities for the school including classroom, bathroom, drinking water facilities and more. They also installed classroom materials including desks and chairs. In addition, they conducted hygiene education for the children.

According to World Vision, Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin participated in the project for the 4th time this year. The couple has also donated to help earthquake victims in Haiti and build kindergartens in Myanmar and school in South Sudan. In 2011, they donated all the congratulatory money they received for their wedding to build an elementary school in Myanmar and visited the school in person for their first wedding anniversary. What a lovely, admirable couple!

Meanwhile, Yoo Ji Tae will appear in new KBS drama 'Mad Dog.'

[image source: World Vision]


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