'Mad Dog' Ryu Hwayoung's sexy & charismatic still shots revealed! [Mad Dog]

# Drama 2017.10.04 View : 5623

'Mad Dog' is a KBS drama that will be aired in the autumn following the airing of 'Manhole.' The drama portrays the reality of Korea through diverse insurance crimes that is prevalent in the country.

Still shots of Ryu Hwayoung, who plays Jang Hari in the drama, were released.

Jang Hari is a sexy, voluptuous and smart insurance investigator who was formerly a gymnast. In order to catch the bad guys, she transforms into any character, from an innocent university student to a sexy warrior. She is the only female member of the team 'Mad Dog.'

From one still photo to another, she looks like a completely different person. She joined the team 'Mad Dog' following Choi Kangwoo, who is like a family to her.

The staff said, "Ryu Hwayoung's unique charms create the perfect synchronization with Jang Hari's character. Please look forward to the synergy between her and other actors like Yoo Ji Tae and Woo Do Hwan and her impressive acting.  


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