'Happy' Changmin wanted to be a member of 'Super Junior'? [Happy Together]

# Entertainment 2017.10.12 View : 11062

Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho of TVXQ! stars in tonight's episode of 'Happy Together'!

When the MCs ask Changmin if he has ever wished to become a member of Super Junior, he starts out by saying, "Since it's just the two of us (in TVXQ), at times Yunho is too passionate and full of energy when we're working."

He continues, "Super Junior's members are professional when they work, but they goof around a lot among themselves. They even splash water on the face of members who are sleeping."

He says, "The pranks can be mischievous, but they look fun. There was a time when I wanted to set aside the passion and play little pranks. I would've paid money to become a member of Super Junior. Later I jokingly told Yunho about it, and he told me that his feelings were hurt."

Yunho says, "I was so angry because TVXQ has come a long way to achieve what we've achieved, and when he said that, I felt as though everything we've done had been in vain."

Changmin replies, "I did it for a laugh, and he took it too seriously."

[Happy Together]

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