'Battle' SNSD's Sunny & Hyoyeon vs. Jeong Jinwoon & Kwon Hyuk Soo battle on Australia! [Battle Trip]

# Entertainment 2017.10.13 View : 3901

Sunny and Hyoyeon from Girls' Generation and Jeong Jinwoon and Kwon Hyuk Soo will appear on 'Battle Trip' for 3 weeks for 'Unique City Trip in Australia' special!

Sam Hammington, who is Australian, will be the perfectly fitting special MC.

Jeong Jinwoon and Kwon Hyuk Soo present their trip to the port city of Cairns, claiming that they've conquered the land, sea and air. Jeong Jinwoon will show the sports and leisure activities in Cairn, while Kwon Hyuk Soo, the 'eating expert,' will be in charge of introducing the local delicacy.

Sunny and Hyoyeon go to Brisbane, which will be aired in the following episode!

[Battle Trip]

Showtime : Sun 16:30 | Re-run: Mon 06:10 Wed 01:40 Sat 02:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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