'Superman' Model student Sian vs. Troublemaker Seungjae! [The Return of Superman]

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On this week's episode, all the children gather in a seodang (village school) to learn some manners.

Sian and Seungjae are of the same age, but their personalities are totally opposite! Sian is elected as the class president. He sets an example for other children by behaving well and paying attention to the teacher. On the other hand, Seungjae is such a naughty boy! He never stops playing around and distracting others.

The teacher leaves the classroom for a few seconds to test the children. He tells them to stay put with their eyes closed until he comes back. There are snacks in the classroom, and they are supposed to wait till the end to eat together! But Seungjae secretly eats the snack. When Sian finds out, he scolds Seungjae saying, "You shouldn't do that. You'll get in trouble!"

Of course goofy Seungjae doesn't listen to his friend's advice. He jumps around all over the classroom, just looking for trouble!

Stay tuned for the cute chemistry between Sian and Seungjae!

[The Return of Superman]

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