Song Ji Hyo's younger brother Cheon Seong Moon to make debut!

# K-POP 2017.10.17 View : 4518

Cheon Seong Moon, who is the younger brother of actress Song Ji Hyo, signed with MYCOMPANY in the beginning of this year. MYCOMPANY announced that he will star in the web drama '29gram,' marking his debut.

Although he's a newbie actor, he already has a fan base from his appearance in 'Running Man.' He has been getting trained in acting for the past years.

'29gram' features the story of life and love of four influential stars on social media. Cheon Seong Moon will play Jo Yi Ahn, a cool and carefree man who will depict the current generation's dating style.

Song Ji Hyo will play the role of an advertising copywriter.

[Image source: MYCOMPANY]


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