Kim Heechul says he won't be able to fully participate in Super Junior's promotions due to his leg pain.

# K-POP 2017.10.19 View : 5612

On October 18, Kim Heechul wrote a message on Instagram.

He wrote:

"I was excited for our long-awaited comeback, but I don't think I will be able to fully participate in the promotions. I have no confidence.

"I injured my left leg in a car accident 11 years ago, and I'm unable to use it properly since then. Recently, my ankle pain has been occurring more frequently.

"Sometimes people ask me if I'm faking the pain because I don't want to dance. And I'd just laugh it off with a forced smile.

"If I can ask for forgiveness by promoting our comeback in variety shows, I will be grateful and try my best."

Lastly, he advised his fans to wear a seatbelt while they're in the car, no matter how annoying it is.

Regarding Heechul's message, Label SJ stated that Heechul wrote the message out of his concern about not being able to carry out the dance moves due to his leg pain. But the agency made sure that Heechul will take part in the performances and promotions, along with rehabilitation treatment.

In 2006, Heechul fractured his leg in a car accident on the way back from Donghae's father's funeral and received surgery for 6 hours. 


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