'Superman' Ahn Hyun-soo reveals his daughter Jane and life in Russia! [The Return of Superman]

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Short-track speed-skater Ahn Hyun soo (Viktor Ahn) makes a special appearance in 'Superman'!

Ahn Hyun Soo challenges himself to take care of his daughter by himself for 48 hours. Hyun Soo and Jane spend the day alone. They draw pictures, do exercises and go shopping together. He is a kind father and romantic husband. Jane melts her dad's heart with her irresistible charms!

Ah Hyun Soo explains why he decided to appear in 'Superman' saying, "I wanted my wife, who has been taking care of our household for the past 6 years in Russia, to take a break. I also wanted to spend time with just my daughter for the first time to make memories and get closer to her."

The daily life of Ahn Hyun Soo and his family in Moscow, Russia will be revealed on the upcoming episode.

[The Return of Superman]

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