Gu Hara, Jung Chaeyeon, Yura reveal their bare faces without makeup! [2 Days & 1 Night]

# Entertainment 2017.10.20 View : 5059

Part 3 of 'Invincible Youth' special will air tonight, featuring the trip to Hongcheon with female guests.

The members play the luck or no luck bed game till dawn. After playing the game, the members get ready to go to bed. The female guests remove their makeup and wash themselves. When Kyungri discovers the camera, she asks, "Are you trying to get our before-and-after cleansing?" and laughs.

The girls appear in front of the camera after washing off their makeup, and their bare skin is flawless! Gu Hara playfully asks, "Will you put a filter that makes us look prettier?"

[2 Days & 1 Night]

Showtime : Sun 19:40 | Re-run: Mon 02:30, 10:30 l Fri 02:50, 13:40 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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