Controversy over Choi Siwon's dog causing death of a person continues.

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On September 30, Choi Siwon's dog bit a woman in her 50's inside the elevator. Six days later, the woman died from sepsis. It was revealed that the victim is the CEO of a famous Korean restaurant franchise in Seoul.

Choi Siwon and his family were criticized due to the fact that the dog, which is a French bulldog breed, was not on its leash at the time.

Choi Siwon and his father shared a letter of apology on their SNS and also personally apologized to the victim's family. Even though the victim's family has announced that they have forgiven Choi Siwon and his family, the public outrage is not settling down due to more facts being exposed by the press and netizens.

It was revealed that the accident was not the only time that the dog (named Bugsy) was not on a leash. In the past, Choi Siwon has posted pictures of him and his dog taking a walk without a leash, including a photo of the dog getting on the elevator without a leash. Choi Siwon has removed all the photos and videos of his dog from his SNS after the controversy.

Super Junior's member Lee Teuk previously shared a photo of Siwon's dog on his SNS and wrote that he was bitten by it.

A staff who worked with Choi Siwon stated, "Bugsy's aggressiveness is well-known to the staff. He would try to bite strangers, so I heard he was sent to a pet hotel or somewhere for a while."

The security officer of Choi Siwon's apartment revealed that the dog has bitten other people in the past. The residents of the apartment testified that they've seen the dog without a leash.

Choi Siwon's sister, in the past, wrote on her SNS that the dog was receiving training once a week because he would bite people. On October 3, she shared photos of Bugsy's birthday party on her SNS. This was 3 days after the victim was bitten and 3 days before her death.

Criticism against Choi Siwon and his family seems unavoidable as it looks like they habitually took their dog outside without a leash. Some netizens are even demanding him to be dropped from his drama that is currently airing.

[Image source: Choi Siwon Instagram, Lee Teuk Instagram] 


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