Kangnam faces backlash over rude questions he asked Sam Okyere about Ghana.

# K-POP 2017.10.24 View : 4138

On October 22, 'My Ugly Duckling' featured Kangnam and Tony An visiting Sam Okyere's house.

Sam Okyere is a Ghanaian who has been living in Korea for 9 years. Tony An asks him, "Does your mother ever tell you to come back to Ghana?" Sam replies that she would tell him to become a professor in Ghana. He adds that he has a lot of schedule whenever he visits Ghana, including interviews. Then, Kangnam asks him if there are TVs in Ghana, making Tony An and the panels flustered.

Tony An quickly says, "Of course there are TVs in Ghana. [Kangnam] is making a mistake." Seo Jang Hoon, who was sitting as a panel in the studio, say, "Kangnam must be thinking that Ghana is a wild grassland."

Kangnam's ignorance doesn't stop there. He asks Sam if there are buildings and night clubs in Ghana.

After the episode was aired, the viewers expressed their discontent over Kangnam's attitude, calling him rude and racist.

Currently, Kangnam's SNS is filled with comments criticizing him.                                                                   

[Image source: SBS 'My Ugly Duckling', Delmedia, Kangnam Facebook]


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