Choi Siwon was bitten by his own dog & caused setback in police ambassador concert.

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It was revealed that Choi Siwon was bitten by his dog in the past.

A colleague of Choi Siwon said, "Choi Siwon went on leave and when he returned, he had a Band-Aid on his nose. He said his dog had bitten him." 

Choi Siwon's wound affected the police ambassador's scheduled concerts. Choi Siwon usually hosted the event, but he couldn't do it for a month due to the wound on his face. Also, he used to perform in the center of the stage, and his position had to be switched to the edge of the stage.

It is known that Choi Siwon apologized to the colleagues for causing a setback in the concert.

Meanwhile, on September 30, Choi Siwon's dog bit a woman in her 50's inside the elevator. Six days later, the woman died from sepsis.

[Image source: Choi Siwon Instagram]


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