Kangnam apologizes to 9MUSES' Kyungri & Sam Okyere for his rude remarks.

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Kangnam shared an apology concerning his racist statements toward Sam Okyere made on television. In the show, Kangnam asked Sam Okyere if they have televisions or buildings in Ghana. Previously, he was also criticized for making violent comments against Kyungri.

On October 24, Kangnam posted a letter of apology on his SNS.

He wrote:

Hello. This is Kangnam. I was trying to be funny in the program, and I went overboard and said the wrong things. I realized that my ill-considered remarks and ignorance caused disappointment and discomfort among many people, and I immediately apologized to Kyungri and Sam. I was worried that my bad Korean might fail me in conveying my sincerity, so I got help from an employee of my agency to write this. I would like to say sorry to Kyungri and Sam once again, and I feel sorry and grateful to the viewers for teaching me what I've done wrong and scolding me. As a TV personality, I should have been responsible and considerate, but I wasn't, and I am so ashamed and regretful over my remarks. I will learn and reflect on myself, and I will think and act more carefully to never make these kinds of mistakes again. Once again, I sincerely apologize for those who felt discomfort due to my thoughtlessness.

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